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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use San Antonio Networking Calendar?
The Calendar is a unique resource in our area. It's maintained by Terry Negley, with help from you and many others providing the latest event info.

Why would I use the Directory
San Antonio Networking Calendar builds on the person to person contact from networking opportunities. When you hear a room full of people give their 15 seconds, sometimes it's hard to visit with them and get contact info.

Is my information private?
No. We hope this generates business for you. That people email you, call you, and send you letters. We hope this is profitable for you and for us.

How does it work?
The directory is free. Request to be added. Once you have done that, you will be in the pending list, and a moderator will approve it in a day or two. If for some reason you are not added, and you have a legit reason to be on the directory, contact Don to check on it. To save time, if an entry is rejected, it is marked rejected, and that email account cannot sign up again. The reason for this process is because some people will submit hundreds of records, and we cannot allow them to be active.

What are your terms of use?
Read the Terms of Use

Can I advertise?
Yes. Give a shout.

How many people are using it?
A few thousand distinct visitors per month, and many more repeat visitors.

Is everyone allowed in the directory?
No. If you and your company are not, um, networking, and making friends in the community and offering whatever it is you offer, you should not be in the directory. All sorts of organizations are on the directory, from regular businesses to non-profits to MLM. Having a presence is important. Also, your business/organization should be on the up-and-up. The main question is - are you in business in the area?

Who decides and manages the directory?
Moderators, selected from very active networkers.

Who decides and manages the calendar?
Again, moderators, selected from very active networkers. The calendar has a business focus.

Do you investigate who is on the directory?
No. Please use common sense when doing business with someone you don't know.